Top 6 Best Airsoft Assault Rifles of 2020

Best Airsoft Assault Rifle

Searching for the Best Airsoft Assault Rifles? You’ve come to the right place.

There are hundreds of varieties on board that will lure you into buying them but not all rifles are worth the price. Sometimes, you get all done for a good hunting campaign, travel to the site with your buddies just to find out that the rifle is not working and you’ve to get back to the home.

We know how irritating this can be, so we’ve studied the best airsoft guns available on the market for 2020 in every category and made the information available to you.

Best Airsoft Assault Rifles

Here are 6 top best Airsoft Assault Rifles for you to choose from.

But if you’d ask about writer’s personal best choice, it’ll definitely be Soft Air COLT M4 Electric Airsoft Gun which is the newest line in High-Quality Airsoft Rifles. It features a classic full metal body equipped with CNC Machined front Hand Guard, Steel Gears along with a metal Gearbox, providing you with an amazing experience like never before while offering 350 round magazine which surely is a quality product at a good price.


RifleGeneral SpecsPrice
Soft Air COLT M4FPS: ---, Rounds: 350, Weight: 8lbs Check Price
Soft Air Kalishnikov AK47FPS: 430, Rounds: 400, Weight: 6lbs Check Price
HK Heckler & Koch HK416FPS: 340, Rounds: 250, Weight: --- Check Price
Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPRFPS: 420, Rounds: 300, Weight: 4.3lbs Check Price
Walther P99 Pistol Airsoft GunFPS: 320, Rounds: 15, Weight: --- Check Price
Soft Air FN SCAR-L Airsoft GunFPS: 302, Rounds: 200, Weight: 4lbs Check Price

Soft Air COLT M4 Electric Airsoft Gun


Soft Air COLT M4 is the newest line in High-Quality Airsoft Rifles. This surely is a piece of quality made to impress the users.

It features a classic full metal body equipped with CNC Machined front Hand Guard, Steel Gears along with a metal Gearbox, providing you with an amazing experience like never before.

The unit is quality-built and tested for standards to be fully trademarked and licensed by COLT. And is proudly equipped with all the features that you wanted to have to win a field.

Soft Air COLT M4 never fails at providing its users with an impressive performance in the field as the rifle rocks a full metal body to ensure sturdy and stealth operations. The electric-powered gun operates using a rechargeable battery.

This rifle offers an adjustable 6-position crane stock and the magazine is capable of providing 350 rounds of shots which is great.

  • High-quality build-up material
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • Super sturdy and no extra noises
  • Easy maintenance
  • Replacement parts are easily available
  • Stock battery need upgrading
  • Orange-tip make you easily spot able in the field


Soft Air COLT M4 is surely a piece of art that never fails at power and accuracy of the shot. If you are searching for a quality rifle, this one is a great deal as it’s also COLT certified.

Soft Air Kalishnikov AK47


Kalishnikov AK47 is a great deal at a relatively cheap price by Soft Air and is equally efficient for both professionals and beginners.

It’s an undoubtedly powerful electric gun that fires at an amazing rate of 390-430 FPS with .20g ammo through an 8.4v 1600mAh battery.

This powerful rifle shoots 6mm ammo in full and semi-automatic forms.

The design of this rifle is impressive with the front rail system, adjustable front, and rear sights, vertical grip and tactical side-folding that make it highly compatible.

Being a full metal rifle, it still offers an amazing body to length ratio and comes at a good 6lbs weight.

The magazine can hold up to 400 rounds and is compatible with many magazines from many manufacturers.

The Hop-Up of this rifle is quite adjustable that provides a back-spin effect to shoot even at longer distances.

  • Good weight and build quality
  • Super powerful, with .2 bbs
  • Easy to adjust hop-up system
  • Comes with a lot of extras
  • Insanely fast rate of fire
  • Accuracy guaranteed
  • Rails are too far forward
  • Mag get a little loose
  • Incorporating battery take time


With 400-rounds magazine, up to 430 FPS and 1600mAh battery, this Kalishnikov AK47 is surely a great deal at an affordable price especially when it never compromises on the accuracy of the shot.

HK Heckler & Koch HK416


HK416 is an AEG powered airsoft rifle that supports semi-auto shooting and full-auto shooting for its users.

The metal magazine of this HK416 is powerful enough to provide an amazing 250-round magazine capacity so you won’t irritate by refilling again and again. Also, the magazine is stamped with the Red HK logo that adds well to its authenticity.

Also, it shoots accurately and precisely with the help of 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at a standard speed of up to 340 FPS.

Front and Rear sights can be flipped up for better shooting experience and the rifle is Electric-powered that comes with an 8.4V Split battery and its charger. The buttstock comes off by sliding downwards that makes changing extra batteries on the field a breeze.

The selector switch has a safety that locks the trigger.

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Licensed by HK
  • A good replica product
  • Metal magazine and good sights
  • Large orange tip
  • No proper accessories
  • Plastic body feels cheap


Since HK416 is mostly plastic, it is extremely lightweight but sturdy. It measures about 30 inches in length and is quickly adaptable between long-ranged battles and CQB. Finally, this gun is an affordable option for crazy battlefield shooters.

Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR


Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR is a name being trusted for many years. It is lightweight and comes with a full metal gearbox with accuracy in shooting.

The Rifle is capable enough of shooting at a good 400FPS speed via a magazine that can hold up to high capacity 300 rounds.

Also, the top rail of the rifle can extend to a full length that along with red dot sights ensure the most accurate shots.

It’s an undoubtedly powerful electric gun via an 8.4V battery that offers Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic shooting modes with ensuring functional safety.

The ​Hop-up is easy to adjustable with ​Inner barrel having a 6.04mm diameter when only weighing at 4.3 pounds.

  • Highly functional and compatible
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Accurate and Precise
  • ​Realistic structural design
  • Large and obnoxious orange tip


The Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR Airsoft gun is one of the most praised and trusted guns in the market. This sums up all the expected features and specs that an efficient rifle should possess. It’s very powerful and sturdy, as well to keep up the good work.

Walther P99 Pistol Airsoft Gun


Walther P99 is a name of cost-effective, well constructed and high-feature airsoft handgun that supports CO2 gas blowback. The feature-packed Walther P99 Blowback CO2 airsoft pistol is equally efficient for backyard pest targets and on the field of combat.

This double action gun offers the capability of firing 6mm airsoft bbs via .20g ammo through its smooth inner barrel at a good 320 FPS providing an accurate shot.

Reloading is also convenient and easy with Paddle style mag release. Also, the magazine holds the capability of ejecting smooth and drop-free 15-rounds of stealth shots.

Front and rear sights of this Walther P99 handgun are fixed whereas the CO2 compartment is hidden in the grip.

  • Metal slide, good kick
  • Great weight and doesn’t waste Co2.
  • Offers great gas mileage
  • Good 380-390 FPS
  • Bbs is easy to load
  • Fits perfectly into my vest holster
  • the slide may lock back prematurely while shooting


Walther P99 is surely a great handgun that is well made with a realistic feel. From a functional perspective, this one is a good unit for a training aid to teach gun safety and shooting techniques making it a handsome deal at a great price.

Soft Air FN SCAR-L Airsoft Gun 


Soft Air FN SCAR-L Airsoft Gun is a powerful and entry-level electric gun that is capable of firing at an amazing 302 FPS with 6mm ammo.

With Soft Air FN SCAR-L, you are always ready to fire as this gun can fire in two firing modes for you, full and semi-automatic firing mode.

It’s basically a high-class replica made up with high strength ABS polymer for a realistic feel and weighs only 4lbs that’s neutral on your arm while still being strong and sturdy.

The Magazine is actually the battery and is capable of holding up to 200 rounds of firing the ammo which is great for airsoft games and any target field.

General specs of this rifle include a Folding stock with flip-up front and rear sights. The hop-up can create a back-spin effect on ammo which ultimately shoots at longer distances

  • very hard, durable polymer built up
  • good FPS range
  • pretty accurate
  • the general setup is good enough
  • the vertical grip on front rail is uncomfortable
  • buttons are not ambidextrous


An airsoft rifle that’s capable of holding 200 rounds and shoots at 302FPS is a great deal for the price as it offers précised and longer distance shots easily. The accuracy is guaranteed with this amazing Soft Air FN SCAR-L Airsoft Gun making it a good choice for all kinds of shooting needs.

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