Top 8 Best Airsoft BBs to Buy in 2020

Best Airsoft BBs

Airsoft pallets are commonly known as BBs used in an airsoft guns, these are spherical projectiles and comes in different sizes and weights.  In terms of sizes, we have 6mm and 0.45mm pallets while in case of weight we have 0.12 – 0.40 g. pallets.

The pallets are made of many materials like ceramics, plastics, metal moreover we have these in varieties of types which are tracers, no- tracers, biodegradable, markers, and pain spherical projectiles. These pallets are used for hunting of animals and for capturing them, moreover, people use them for recreation purposes.

Top pick for me is G&G Bio BB because these BBs come in a compact bottle and have more counts in a bottle as compared to others while the palettes are highly polished and made hard to achieve desired results, moreover these competition grade BBs are biodegradable.

Best Airsoft BBs


RifleGeneral SpecsPrice
TBB0.12 ThunderBBs Airsoft BBS0.12g pallets are for 5000 rounds along with 6mm diameter.
Highly polished and have high hardness. Comes in white and brown color.
Check Price
Umarex Elite Force Airsoft BBS0.20 weight for 5000 rounds and are 6mm BBs, comes in a bottle and polished perfectly Check Price
G&G Bio BB0.28g weight, come in compact bottle, 5600 Pellets, white color, 6mm diameter, biodegradable Check Price
V-Tac BBS Valken Tactical0.20g weight, comes in a compact bottle, Diameter 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances, 2500 rounds per bottle, perfectly polished Check Price
V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical BIO BottleDiameter; 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances, comes in a bottle, 0.25 diameter, biodegradable, 5000 per bottle, perfectly polished. Check Price
Elite Force Premium Airsoft BBs Ammo2700 rounds, 0.28 g, biodegradable, 6mm diameter, packed in a bottle, and perfectly polished. Check Price
Elite Force .20g Airsoft BBs5,000 Count of 0.20 G pellets, 6mm diameter, and comes in a bottle Perfectly polished Check Price
Elite Force Premium Biodegradable Airsoft BBS Ammo0.20 gram, comes in compact bottles, 2700 BBs per bottle, 6mm diameter and perfectly polished, biodegradable. Check Price

TBB 0.12 ThunderBBs Airsoft BBS

These are 0.12G weighted, White or Brown pallets. These are for 6mm range and come in high precision of size and weight. These 0.12g pallets are for 5000 rounds, moreover, these pallets are ultra-slick, highly polished and have high hardness. Their color may vary but the pallets in any color will give you the same results. These are for the jam-free AEG and gas-powered airsoft guns.

Umarex Elite Force Airsoft BBS

These pallets are of 0.20 weight for 5000 rounds and are 6mm BBs. These are quite accurate in precision and in shape. These premium quality pallets are made for satisfying results so these are polished in an improved way. In terms of packing these come in a compact bottle that is reusable and easily portable, moreover the pouring out is easy because of the bottle. These high hardness pallets are made for jam-free, high speed, and accurate performance.

G&G Bio BB

G&G Bio BBThe best thing about these pallets is this, that these are biodegradable. We have them in 0.28g weight while a compact bottle of it contains 5600 Pellets in white color. These pallets have a standard diameter of 6mm moreover these are of competition-grade because of high polishing and hardness. These pallets are made final after extensive testing so you can get the precise results. These are biodegradable, ensuring a clean environment.

V-Tac BBS Valken Tactical

V-Tac BBs are of 0.20g weight and come in a compact bottle, that can be used again and again moreover this bottle makes pouring of pallets easy and convenient. These BBs are made for airsoft guns powered by spring, gas, and electricity. The pallets are perfectly polished and made hard to achieve desired results moreover the design quality is of the ball bearing.  Diameter has 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances. Per bottle, you can play 2500 rounds.

V-Tac BBS Valken Tactical BIO Bottle

These V-Tac BBs come in 0.25g weight, being packed in a bottle it is easy for you to carry them easily and pour out them whenever you want. You can use in airsoft guns powered by spring, gas, and electricity. The diameter has 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances and are polishes perfectly to give off the required results. The BBs are made hard in a ball bearing quality design so they do not jam the gun and reach the target. Per bottle, the counts you can get are 5000 moreover the best thing about these pallets is biodegradability. These will no pollute the environment.

Elite Force Premium Airsoft BBS Ammo

Elite Force Premium Airsoft BBS Ammo

These 6mm Elite Force Premium Airsoft BBs come in a compact reusable bottle moreover per bottle you can get 2700 rounds. These BBs are highly polished to make sure that your gun may not get jam because of it. They are made hard to give you the desired results. In terms of weight, they are only 0.28 grams heavy. These pallets are made up of plastic and can be used in a variety of airsoft guns. These Premium Elite Force Airsoft BBs are used for gaming, military, and tactical purposes. Moreover, these BBs are highly continent for police training.

Elite Force Airsoft BBs

Elite Force Airsoft BBs comes in a compact reusable and easy to pour bottle, one bottle having 5,000 Count of 0.20 G pellets. These are accurate in precision and shape, polished in a way to make sure the smooth, jam-free shot. These BBs are made hard and are useful for training, gaming, military, and tactical purposes. These pallets have a standard diameter of 6mm. you can use these in many different airsoft guns like powered by gas, spring, and electricity.

Elite Force Premium Biodegradable Airsoft BBS Ammo

Elite Force Premium Biodegradable Airsoft BBS Ammo

These pallets are in 0.20-gram weight. The pallets are packed in a reusable, compact bottle, each bottle containing 2700 Premium Elite Force Airsoft BBs. One best thing is about it is biodegradability, this makes sure that your passion is not polluting the surrounding environment. These BBs have a standard diameter which is 6mm. These polished perfectly so that loading and shooting become smooth.  These BBs are designed for tactical and serious scenarios. The material of these pallets is plastic, and still, these are made hard to achieve the best possible results.

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