Best Airsoft Goggles To Buy in 2020

Best Airsoft Goggles

Are you looking for the best airsoft goggles? Here is a guide on how to look for the best Airsoft Goggles with a great amount of ease. This is simple and contains some of the top choices available in the market. All of these are usable for a long time and allow you adequate sun and wind protection for your hunting, travel, biking, and other adventure needs. Each one of these is hand-picked based on the most favorable customer satisfaction. This means that each one is fully equipped to satisfy you. You can rely on these and find the kind that you love the most for daily, occasional or recreational use as per your likeness.

The best Airsoft Goggles come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Some are only designed for men and there are a few unisex options as well to ensure that no one is left behind. This allows everyone to enjoy them and use them as per their needs.

Perhaps the best result in this is from the Pyramex I-Force Sporty. You can enjoy these as the best airsoft goggles on a regular basis. They come with long life and are highly useful for all kinds of outdoor activities. The glasses are durable and come in a Dual Pane Anti-Fog lens.

Best Airsoft Goggles


RifleGeneral SpecsPrice
Pyramex Highlander Plus Safety GogglesDurable, Anti-Fog, Wide coverage Check Price
Rothco Swat Tec GoggleSingle Lens, Tactical advantage, ergonomic non slip design Check Price
Pyramex I-Force SportyDual Pane, Anti-Fog, Black Frame, Clear Lens Check Price
7Trees Adult Motorbike ATV / Dirt Bike RacingTransparent Lens, Adjustable Strap, Black Frame Check Price
RuggedTrails® Riding GlassesUV400 Protection, Strapped, Anti-slip Check Price

Pyramex Highlander Plus

One of the best airsoft goggles is the Pyramex Highlander Plus Safety Goggles. It comes with a strong and durable body. The Pyramex Highlander Plus allows you to use them in the outdoors without any major wear or tear. The goggles are also helpful in controlling the UV rays.Pyramex Highlander Plus

These goggles have a set of polycarbonate lenses that are able to provide 99% coverage from dangerous UV rays.

One of the best things about it is that it has a resilient and durable body. The body allows an extended side shield design to cover your eyes and give you comfort.

The google comes in an adjustable elastic strap support. This has a quick release body so it just clings to the temples and enables a secure fit.

  • The glasses exceed ANSI Z87.1 High Impact Requirements
  • They are anti fogging
  • The goggles cover a wide region and entire eye area
  • These do not come in many colors


Pyramex Highlander Plus Safety Goggles are one of the full eye protectors available. This means that they will give you a good amount of impact protection and distance from flying particles.

Rothco Swat Tec Single Lens

Rothco Swat Tec Single Lens Tactical Goggle is a great choice for users who just do not want any fog on their goggles. The goggles look stylish and provide a stylish look. The glasses also have a vented foam carriage for maximum dust protection. This allows a great deal of airflow and acts as an outlet for heat. This curtails the fog.Rothco Swat Tec Single Lens

The glasses can be used to control wind in your face, it helps in ensuring that you do not need to squint your eyes. You can sit and run, despite sweat and the weather, the glasses keep things cool and resist fog. The air vents make them smart.

Rothco Swat Tec Single Lens Tactical Goggles are highly recommended for sunny days. These are able to cover up all the glare. These are also anti-fogging and tactical so you can use them anywhere at all.

  • Rothco Swat Tec Single Lens Tactical Goggles allow long term use because these are durable
  • Come with a single lens to provide greater clarity
  • These are made in a black wearable body
  • These do not come in many colors


Rothco Swat Tec Single Lens Tactical Goggles are a smart choice for people everywhere. These are ideal choices for a person who may need to stay still and then move periodically. They are limited in color and size options but you can adjust them as you need to.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane

Pyramex I-Force Sporty comes with a Dual Pane. These are undoubtedly a great choice as the best airsoft goggles. The goggles have a black frame and the inner lens is clear. These goggles are able to resist fog in one of the most efficient ways making them a top choice.Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane

This set comes with interchangeable temples and strap options. Another great thing about the Pyramex I-Force Sporty is that it comes with a 99% UVA/B/C protection. This makes them perform wonderfully in the sun. The goggles are scratch-resistant and loaded with a polycarbonate lens. The glasses have a  polycarbonate lens to protect from the outdoors. The inner of the lens is an acetate lens that allows the elimination of fogging.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty does not slip as you bike around. This is a great tool for daily use. These are light in weight and anti-shake. The dual pane makes them a genius choice.

  • H2X Anti-fog Technology curtails wind, dust and sun rays
  • They offer a clear and correct vision
  • Loaded with bands that help in gripping
  • The helmets can attach to it for a snug fit
  • Some people like a single lens more


Pyramex I-Force Sporty provides a wide comforting grip and a cling on to your other equipment making it a great choice for frequent use. These are highly recommended as Skiing, Hunting and Biking goggles.

7Trees Adult Motorbike ATV / Dirt Bike Goggles

The 7Trees Adults Motorbike ATV/Dirt bike goggles are transparent. These come with adjustable straps. The goggles are black in color. This makes them attractive and fancy looking.

The glasses look attractive under the shining sun while making the rays bearable. They do not let the glare inside your goggles to blur your vision or to create any eye tension. The goggles have a ratcheting quick release style.They give you control over their performance.

The 7Trees Adults Motorbike ATV/Dirt bike goggles can be used for fishing, hunting, hiking and more. These come with a snug fit and a Peripheral Vision. These are sculpted for a snug feel while making sure that they do not slip. You will not get a mark from their band either. The glasses are able to correct and optically improve your vision. These are durable and even shatterproof making them an excellent choice. The glasses are super strong and lightweight.

  • Anti fogging technology
  • Anti shake or slipping technology as well
  • Allows an improved peripheral vision
  • One of the very few extremely clear glasses on the market
  • These are not dual lens
  • They do not protect from rain droplets collected on the outside


These come with an adjustable helmet strap. You can wear them on top of any helmet or under as you please. These can also attach to it for a snug feel.

RuggedTrails® Riding Glasses

The Rugged Trails Riding Glasses are also a top-notch choice. These come with added sun protection. This means that the goggles are 100% UVA / UVB safe. These are able to block out all dangerous rays of the sun while in the outdoors. The glasses come with UV400 protection that can cover you for hours under the sun.

The glasses are highly recommended for bikers. These fit nicely and contour as per your face shape. You get coverage around your eye area and against the glare of the sun. These are suitable for prevention against dust particles, strong winds and flying objects that should be nowhere near your eyes while riding or driving. These help in providing you a safe and comfortable ride.

The goggles come with a TPU frame that makes them flexible and lightweight. The airflow curtails the fog without causing any pain or discomfort. There is foam padding on the inside that gives comfort around the nose bridge area. These are designed to promote a healthy fit on a wide variety of faces and nose shapes.

  • The inner material of these is resistant to scratches and is able to avoid the pressure from a hard impact.
  • It is nearly shatterproof.
  • There is a non slip elastic strap that you can allow to clasp to your head.
  • These are fully compatible with all helmets.
  • It comes with an internal airflow.


These goggles are perfect for skiing, riding, and other outdoor sports. The lens allows a high transparency to improve the optical clarity, without distorting or blurring your vision.

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