Top 6 Best Airsoft Gun For Beginners in 2020

airsoft gun for beginners

Here is a series of the top choices that may count as the Best Airsoft gun for beginners. You can pick anyone from the range, each one of these is just as amazing. The guns are designed to improve your performance. They do not require a lot of training effort. These guns are interesting and allow a useful configuration.

For beginners, a gun can be used for a training purpose as well as for leisure. These allow comfort and accuracy for use. You can rely on these. Getting an airsoft gun is a great way to introduce a comfortable practice tool in your life. These guns can be used for long term use as well. The options are reliable and fancy.

If you are looking for the best airsoft gun for beginners then the G&G Airsoft Combat Machine is a great choice. This can be used for a great performance and for an impressively long period of time. This is easily the best choice in the range and known as a combat specialist.

Best Airsoft Gun For Beginners


Here are some of the comparisons of the best airsoft gun for beginners.

RifleGeneral SpecsPrice
Desert Eagle Spring PoweredPistol, Spring-powered,  serrated slide Check Price
G&G Airsoft Combat MachineCombat specialist, crane stock Check Price
HK Heckler & Koch MP7Modes of Fire: Safe - Semi - Automatic,Rate of Fire: approx. 950/min Check Price
Taurus SoftAir PT24/7Spring Powered Pistol, Black: Airsoft Pistols: Sports & Outdoors Check Price
ASG Dan Wesson 6"CO2 Powered, Air Revolver Check Price
ASG CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1, Airsoft Gun Check Price

Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol

Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft gun. This comes with a powerful spring that enables it to shoot. The gun comes with a 170-220 FPS that can be obtained with a 6mm ammo.Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol

This gun is able to shoot 6mm ammo in a single shot. It will come with a 100 starter set of BBs. The gun is made out of high strength ABS polymer composite. The materials allow for a realistic touch and feel. This option weighs about 1.1 pounds. The gun comes with a detachable magazine. The magazine is able to hold 190 rounds at once. It has a serrated slide and a frame safety as well.

  • Spring-powered so does not need a battery in it
  • Comes in a lightweight body that is able to hold 190 rounds at once
  • The gun comes with its BB’s
  • Made out of polymer plastic


If you want a lightweight choice then this is a great gun. It comes with a plastic polymer body for a complete replica feel.

G&G Airsoft Combat Machine

Another great choice is the G&G Airsoft Combat Machine. This M4 raider is a high performing metal gearbox. The gun comes with a rifle. This means that this is a completely integrated choice that comes with ras and crane allowing a lot of support to the gun.G&G Airsoft Combat Machine

This gun is made out of plastic and metal material. It comes in the combination of two to help in expanding the performance to the maximum. The lower part of the gun and the receiver is plastic. Whereas the magazine is made out of metal. The barrel is also metal. The gun is orange in color.

The shroud and rails are also made out of plastic and some stock. The gun comes with a metal buffer tube. The high cap comes with a 400 with 0.25 bbs at once. You can go semi-auto and fast on the gun with ease. It is best to increase your skills and speed in a coordinated way.

  • Made out of plastic and metal both
  • Comes with a durable body
  • Has a smooth surface and great grip
  • The color of the gun is orange


This comes with a lot of strength from the metal and plastic combination. The gun can be used to support all your needs from one gearbox.

HK Heckler & Koch

The HK Heckler and Koch is a great automatic rifle as well. The Airsoft gun is a powerful choice. The 6mm BB AEG airsoft gun is created out of very high strength polymers. The mixtures allow in the provision of a highly durable gun with a smooth performance. This can allow you to shoot 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 240 fps. That is ideal for beginners.HK Heckler & Koch

The HK Heckler and Koch Airsoft come with an integrated accessory rail. The gun is able to flip-up front and rear sights with ease. This is a great choice for combat battles and more. The gun has a place on the accessory rail to mount lasers or optics and easily use them while being paired to the gun. This gun comes with an adjustable stock and foregrip.

This AEG airsoft rifle is an electric gun. The choice is able to shoot BBs at 240 FPS. It comes with a 180-round capacity. The gun comes with a built-in hop-up BB system. This means that you can shoot without the need of reloading it.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Comes with a small to medium capacity
  • Electric powered so quite powerful
  • Some guns have an adjustable hop-up
  • Does not come up with a larger capacity


The HK Heckler and Koch AEG Airsoft is a great choice for beginners. This comes with a small to medium storage, but can be used with great ease.

Taurus SoftAir PT24/7

The Taurus SoftAir is a spring-powered pistol. The pistol is small and compact. It is ideal for practice. The gun comes with a powerful spring. This means that you get about 240-260 FPS with 6mm ammo. The gun can be used for size of 6mm ammo in a single shot.Taurus SoftAir PT24/7

The gun is designed to provide a realistic feel. The gun comes with a high strength ABS polymer. The gun does not weigh a lot. The gun is only 1.6 pounds in weight. The gun is very easy to load. The magazine is able to hold 24 rounds at once. The gun has a  BAX Hop-Up system that helps in enabling straighter shots. The gun is able to shoot 315 feet per second.

  • It comes with a system for a straighter shooting trajectory.
  • Lower tactical rail for easy additions
  • You can use it for 6mm ammo that is easy to find
  • BB Loader is not included.


This one provides a better shooting trajectory. It is a speedy option. It comes with a straighter angle so it’s ideal for beginners.

ASG Dan Wesson 6″

The ASG Dan Wesson 6 inches is a CO2 powered choice. It is an air revolver. The gun is already licensed by Dan Wesson. The gun allows a fixed front sight angle for viewing. The gun has a weaver-style rail. It can be used for a set of tactical accessories to be attached.ASG Dan Wesson 6"

The ASG Dan Wesson 6 inches allows a double-action trigger system. The gun will come with its speed loaders. It is a high powered choice, it can be used to push for performance and used for practice in various styles.

  • The gun comes with its all necessary parts
  • The gun comes with a double-action trigger system
  • Allows a straighter and sharper view
  • Many states and cities of USA can not buy CO2 Powered guns like these


This one is able to deliver the maximum amount of quality, FPS and accuracy. You can use this airsoft gun as a great fit for any kind of user, whether you are grown-up or young at this.

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A 1 is also a great choice. This gun comes with an easy velocity change. The gun is able to emit an energy of 1.4 joules at once. This is a 4-Position fire selector and it comes with a genuine 3-shot burst. The gearbox is newly designed. The magazine has a unique feature of magazine detection.ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1

This has CNC machined parts. It allows realistic use. It helps you train on it like the real one. This is slightly lighter in weight though. The gun does not fire when empty. This will require reactivation once you insert a reloaded magazine.

The EVO 3 is hard and tough just like a real gun. Its internals are specialised to build to deliver high performance. You can use this to exercise a strength necessary to use for both powerful springs and high-speed solutions.

  • Allows a realistic use
  • This is a genuine 3-shot burst gun
  • Comes with an automatic BB detector
  • This comes with reactivation requirements after entering a reloaded magazine


ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A 1 is suitable for the high speed and spring styled usages. If you want to practice for a realistic feel then this is ideal.

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