Top 6 Best Airsoft Gun Under 200

Best Airsoft Gun Under 200

You can find the best airsoft gun under 200 with great ease. This is because it has a speedy response time, accuracy and the price is a fair amount as long as it falls in your budget. The guns are suited for hunting, playing, shooting and more. We have compiled a brief series on the best airsoft gun under 200. These are ideal for the sporty ones. You can buy these options as they are among the choices.

Each one of these is in your budget of under 200 and they keep many other people across the world who love hunting and shooting among other sports and adventures just as much as you do, quite satisfied. These are all among the top choices for modern shooters. The guide has been designed to ensure that you are able to select what the world knows as the best ones in the class.

This plus efficiency and accuracy are what anyone needs in their gun. The selected choices are all great however the top of them all is the Soft Air Famas Foreign Legion. The Soft Air Famas Foreign Legion is a great choice because it comes in an electric-powered body. And this has an adjustable hop-up. This is suitable for 380-420 FPS.

Best Airsoft Gun Under 200

However, here is a brief comparison chart for the top choices known as the best airsoft gun under 200.


RifleGeneral SpecsPrice
Elite Force 1911Tactical, Grey Check Price
Soft Air COLT RISSpring Rifle, Pistol, Whole Kit Check Price
Soft Air Famas Foreign LegionElectric Powered, Rifle with Adjustable Hop-Up, 380-420 FPS Check Price
Colt Soft Air CQBR-RISElectric Powered, Adjustable Hop-Up, 350-380 FPS Check Price
Lancer Tactical AEG AirsoftElectric Powered, MK18 M4 Check Price
Elite Force Glock 17Gen4 GBB, Blowback 6mm, BB Pistol Check Price

Elite Force 1911 Tactical

One of the top choices competing for the title of the best airsoft gun under 200 is the Elite Force 1911 Tactical. This comes in a grey body. The gun comes in a Full Metal Construction.Elite Force 1911 Tactical

The Elite Force 1911 has a 20mm Underside Rail. The rail allows you to add on suitable  Tactical Accessories. You can enjoy a range of shooting 345 FPS with this airsoft choice. It is measured with 0.20g BBs and CO2 ones.

You will get added ease on the field due to the smooth maneuverability of the gun. You can add the silicone spray to keep the seals soft if you like it that way. With the Elite Force 1911 Tactical you can hold a standard magazine of 14 BBs. This is slighting limiting but can be enough for targeted shooting.

  • Allows smooth maneuverability
  • Has an orange threaded top
  • Comes with a full metal body
  • Holds a standard magazine of 14 BB, can be limiting


The gun has a Threaded Orange Tip. Another great thing about this is that it has a very realistic Blowback.

Soft Air COLT RIS On-Duty Kit

Another hot favorite choice in terms of the Airsoft guns is the Soft Air Colt Ris Spring Rifle. Actually this is a Rifle and Pistol on-duty kit. This comes with a set of both and that makes it a super-comprehensive choice.Soft Air COLT RIS On-Duty Kit

The rifle provides a 300 FPS. You can use this with 6mm ammo. Whereas the Pistol is able to deliver a 210 FPS when used with a 6mm ammo.

You can easily shoot 6mm ammo in a single shot. This is a replica toy gun for gun lovers that is made with super high strength ABS polymer. It weighs about 2 pounds. This comes with a very easy to load rifle magazine that can hold about 300 rounds. The pistol will contain about 12 pistol rounds. The set also has a vertical flashlight. The gun comes with a vertical grip, paper targets and 500 BBs.

  • Comes with everything you need
  • The rifle magazine contains about 300 rounds
  • High strength ABS polymer construction
  • This is made of plastic composite material that is durable but not metal


The Soft Air Colt Ris Spring Rifle is arguably the best airsoft gun under 300 because it gives you a rifle and a pistol in one kit. All of this makes this kit ideal.

Soft Air Famas Foreign

The Soft Air Famas Foreign Legion is an electric powered Airsoft Rifle. It comes with an adjustable hop-up. This comes with a 380-420 FPS.Soft Air Famas Foreign

This is an electric-powered gun that comes with a 380-420 FPS delivery. You can get an economy of 0.20g ammo via 9.6v. The gun contains a small butterfly battery to power it.

One of the best things about it is that it is ready to play. The gun is able to shoot a 6mm ammo in a full and semi-automatic way. This comes in a 1:1 full-sized construction.

This one weighs about 8.7 pounds.  The magazine is easy to deliver and it comes with about  300 rounds at once. This gun has an adjustable hop up. The hop up allows a back-spin effect on ammo which is able to enhance and deliver a longer shooting distance.

  • Real feel of the gun
  • Allows a long distance shooting experience
  • This is able to hold a lot of ammo at once
  • This is made of plastic composite not metal


The construction of this choice is made out of Russian military-industrial complex (MIC). It is from Klashinkov which is one of the leading organizations that are able to make models of military complexes.

Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS

The Colt Soft Air is an electric powered airsoft gun. It comes with an adjustable hop up as well. This is suitable for a 350-380 FPS.Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS

This is a licensed replica. It is made out of a heavy-duty polymer. The gun delivers a realistic feel. Colt Soft Air is suitable for a 0.20g ammo at once. The gun uses power through a 9.6v small butterfly battery. You can shoot about  6mm ammo in full and semi-automatic. It weighs about 8 pounds.

The gun has a Magazine that holds about 350 rounds. This helps in a back-spin effect. It gives you a longer shooting distance. The main component of the gun is metal. It comes with a plastic buffer tube. The rail system and the body are all plastic. The outer barrel plus the attachments are actually metal. This uses a lot of metal accents making it a very smart choice.

  • The gun is made of metal and plastic
  • It comes with a strong body
  • Feels real with the weight and the construction
  • The metal gives it a highly premium look.
  • Some guns weigh more and give a larger blowback


It is one of the most interesting choices in terms of outdoor usability and accurate shooting.  The gun is ready to play. This will give you a real gun feel

Lancer Tactical AEG Airsoft Electric

Lancer Tactical AEG Airsoft Electric

The Lancer Tactical AEG Airsoft Electric MK is made out of the polymer material that most guns are. It gives a speed of 400 – 410 FPS. The gun has a magazine capacity of 300 rounds. It has a Hi-cap.

The length of the gun is 27.5 inches. It is a super lightweight and durable choice. The gun is airsoft by nature. This is highly recommended for target hunting, sports and competitions. This is ideal for shooters who want an airsoft choice on their hands.

  • It has the right amount of weight to it to give it that Realistic Feel to it.
  • There is an extended option on the market.
  • It comes with a battery
  • Plastic on the outside


To be honest, your budget is quite enough and you will be able to get yourself this on which is one of the best airsoft guns under 300 in this range. The guns will give you ease of use, style as well as a realistic feel.

Elite Force Glock 17 Gen4

The Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 4 is a great choice as well. It is just like the original. The original is used by the British Army and other elite forces. It is powered by economical airsoft green gas.Elite Force Glock 17 Gen4

This is ideal because it offers a familiar ergonomics, take-down procedure, metal slide, drop-free magazine. The blowback on this one is very real.

With this you will be able to shoot 6mm plastic airsoft BBs that give a speed of 290 FPS.

It will come in suitable size for target shooting, and for training. The gun is manufactured on military grade standards. This will give you a long lasting performance and training.

  • The material is a heavy duty polymer plastic composite.
  • The original look from the iconic Glock 17
  • It is lighter than the real one


The gun is made out of strong materials and gives a long lasting consistent performance. This is ideal for a real feel while shooting despite being an airsoft gun.

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