Best Airsoft Rifles Under 100 ( WINNERS )

Best Airsoft Rifles under 100

Searching for the best airsoft rifles under 100? You’ve come to the right place.

Shooting and combat is a popular hobby for many people. But getting better at shooting and combat means using the airsoft gun in the right way. Shooting with airsoft guns is the beginner’s stage, but rifles are for professionals and this article talks about best airsoft rifles under 100 dollar budget.

It all boils down to choosing the right airsoft rifle to get the best performance at combat. There are plenty of factors involved in the selection of right airsoft rifles confusing beginners to choose the right one.

Luckily, this article covers everything you need to know about choosing the best airsoft rifles in the form of reviews.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Best Airsoft Rifles


Take a look at the comparison table below to quickly figure out the right airsoft rifle for your needs.

BBTac M83 Air Soft Rifle9.7/10 Check Price
Double Eagle M85P9.4/10 Check Price
BBTac BT-0229.9/10 Check Price
BBTac M839.6/10 Check Price

BBTac M83 Air Soft Rifle

Easily, the BBTac M83 is our favorite airsoft rifle that comes with six extra magazines giving you the freedom of unlimited shooting for a while. The BBTac M83 can shoot with the speed of 200-250 feet per second with 0.12 gram BBs.BBTac M83 Air Soft Rifle

It’s an electric rifle, so comes with a 7.2-volt battery and a charger as well. Furthermore, it can be used in three different modes, semi-automatic, fully automatic, and safety mode that’s great for such a budget rifle.

Other than that, the BBTac M83 brings a flashlight, red dot scope, sling, and barrel extension that makes it a solid pick for field training and backyard wars. Considering the danger, it’s prohibited in New York or Manhattan.

Overall, the BBTac M83 is a solid airsoft rifle that is totally safe to be used for combat and shooting practices either in the field training or in your backyard.

Double Eagle M85P

The Double Eagle M85P is another great airsoft rifle which is the replica of the X36 airsoft rifle. This one is also an electric rifle and brings the charger and battery along.Double Eagle M85P

Furthermore, The Double Eagle M85P is capable to shoot 250 feet per second with 0.12 grams 6mm BBs.

This particular airsoft rifle is a versatile unit that can be used for different types of shooting areas like backyard wars, field riding, and ground firing. Plus, you can shoot for a long time without a refill, thanks to the 50-round capacity.

Other than that, the Double Eagle M85P can shoot a maximum of 500 rounds in one minute and this much power is delivered by 7.2 Volts 700maH battery.

Once you receive the shipment, you will get a charger, a battery, an adjustable electric Red Cross sight, mock silencer, airsoft tools, and safety glasses.

Finally, the Double Eagle M85P comes with a 30-day limited warranty and makes itself the best budget airsoft rifle for those just getting started with rifles after guns.

BBTac BT-022

Next, we have, the BBTac BT-022 a full size automatic electric airsoft rifle that is totally automatic and proves to be the ideal choice for beginners and for those having initial information about rifle shots.BBTac BT-022

The BBTac BT-022 can be used in three different ways: semi-automatic that depends on how fast your pull the trigger, automatic in which guns shoot all the bullets with one push of the trigger, safe mode that ensures your safety with slower shots.

The best part about BBTac BT-022 is that it comes with adjustable hop technology, giving you the best accuracy that makes this rifle a supreme pick for you.

Furthermore, the BBTac BT-022 comes with a handful of BBs in the package you receive after you place the order. Don’t put your expectations higher, as the BBTac BT-022 comes in a plastic construction that makes it an ideal choice for basic gameplay in your backyard or in the field.

Overall, the BBTac BT-022 is a great option for those just getting started to use the rifles. It offers several modes according to your expertise and allows you to learn the combat shooting quickly and safely.

BBTac M83

The BBTac M83 is the final pick for this article. This particular airsoft rifle is an automatic entry-level Airsoft rifle that comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a good airsoft rifle.BBTac M83

The BBTac M83 comes with 10,000 BBs giving you a calm feeling about no extra investment on BBs. The pellet colors are selected from four options: blue, orange, white, and yellow.

This particular airsoft rifle can shoot 200-250 feet per second, thanks to the powerful battery installed in it allowing you to shoot automatically. Furthermore, the BBTac M83 features a high-grade electric motor making this rifle the best shooting equipment for you in your backyard or in the field.

Like all the above-mentioned rifles, the BBTac M83 also allows three different shooting modes, semi-automatic that depends on the speed of your trigger press, automatic that depends on one trigger, and safe mode that is kind of slow shooting mode for your safety.

Overall, the BBTac M83 is a great unit that comes with a handful of accessories and allows you to learn the art of shooting safety without breaking the bank.

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